Aqours Second-Years

Aqours Second-Years

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Early Game Tier T3

Mid Game Tier T3

Late Game Tier T4

Aqours Second-Years
Analysis by Diamonit
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Collaboration


HP 1000
HP Rank
ATK 9660
ATK Rank


Coming from the Love Live! Sunshine collab, the Aqours characters are quite a special unit, as they regroup 3 characters in a single SSR. The Water SSR regroups all of the second years of the franchise: Riko Sakurauchi, Chika Takami, and You Watanabe. The Second-Years arguably stand at the top among the other Love Live collab characters, thanks to a well-rounded kit that includes interesting team buffs and decent offensive abilities, as well as two good weapon proficiencies (Sword and Gun).


High uptime buffs

Between their C.A effect granting a team Water ATK up buff for 6 turns (C.A turn included) and their first skill granting DA/TA up for 5 turns out of 8, the Second-Years buffs last for a long time, meaning less overall maintenance.

Decent utility

With a local Charm, a Dispel and a small team heal on their C.A, the Second-Years are able to bring some modest utility to the fight.

Ignition with decent C.A Damage

Thanks to their second skill and passive increasing C.A damage the higher their HP is, the Second-Years are able to deal some very respectable damage right from the start.

Great Weapon proficiencies

Both Sword and Gun proficiency teams can be made in Water, meaning that the Second-Years can be used as a buffer in those.


Low-efficiency buffs

As a drawback for their high uptime, the Second-Years buffs have some rather low numbers, making their buffs a bit lackluster on their own.

Jack of all trades, master of none

While the Second-Years are able to do a bit of everything (attack, buff, support), none of their ability is extremely specialized, making them less relevant when the player wishes to include a character excelling in one area.

Full Analysis

If there is one thing to learn about collab units idols, it’s that Water always gets the best units. Much like The [email protected] characters, the Aqours Second-Years end up being the most potent SSR out of the three introduced for the Love Live Sunshine collab. As a 3-in-1 unit, each of their skill ends up being handled by one of the sub-unit member, and similarly to Summer Diantha their C.A will change the BGM temporarily.

The Second-Years act mostly as buffers, thanks to their C.A effect granting a 15% Water ATK up to the team for 6 turns, and their first skill “Omoiyo Hitotsuninare” (cast by Riko) which grants a 35% DA / 5% TA for 5 turns out of 8. While the effects are relatively mediocre, their high uptime makes up for it, making them great additions for any player looking for a Water Buffer. Finally, they are also able to buff the team with a 15% ATK up (normal mod) buff upon landing their charm on their fourth skill, “Kimetayo Hand in Hand”.

Their damage isn’t too bad either, thanks to their second skill “I Want to Shine!” (cast by Rika), which works as an Ignition and combined to their passive, which grants the Second-Years a boost to their C.A damage the healthier they are (30% C.A damage at 100% HP). Their base ATK and EMP nodes are also pretty decent, granting them an acceptable base damage output for a buffer unit.

The Second-Years also have some mild utility: a 500 HP team heal on C.A, a Dispel on their third skill “Full Speed Ahead! Aye Aye!”, and a local three turns Charm on their fourth skill. None of them are essential, but they can all come in handy when the situation requires it, especially the Dispel.

The Aqours Second-Years are overall perfect starting units, thanks to their kit covering a lot of ground and fitting in nearly any team composition. They transition seamlessly into the Mid game, thanks to their Sword proficiency that allows them to stay relevant for a longer time, but will eventually fall off against more specialized and powerful buffers.

Characters and Grid Options

Various character synergies

  • Altair is generally a good complementary character to use with the School Idols, as his kit brings buffs and debuffs that don’t overlap with those provided by the Second Years.

  • Feower is a great fit as he will be able to extend the already long lasting buffs from the idols, making the DA/TA buff nearly permanent with a bit of timing.

  • Characters lacking in the DA/TA department such as Romeo, Silva, Izmir, Anne, Vajra will all appreciate the DA/TA buff brought by the Second-Years, even if it’s mostly DA over TA.

  • Other Ignition characters such as Berserker, Lyria or Silva can be lined up alongside the Second-Years in order to get a Chain Burst right from the start of a battle.

Grid weapons

  • Europa harps, with their weapon skill that boosts C.A damage and C.A damage cap will synergize greatly with the Second-Years, thanks to their Ignition and increased C.A damage.

  • Ultima Sword with a Strife Key (Trium) and C.A cap up Key is also a perfect fit thanks to the girls’ Sword proficiency.

Sword / Gun proficiency Ultima teams:

On the Sword side, characters such as Lancelot, Romeo, Izmir, Charlotta are all potential units to line up alongside the Second Years. If going for a more C.A centric team with high C.A damage, excluding Lancelot might be a better idea as he doesn’t have any particular increased C.A abilities. Even though they are also Sword characters, avoid pairing the Second-Years with SSR Katalina or Yuel, as their respective buffs will not stack with the School Idols.

On the Gun side, it is possible to team up the Second Years with Cucuroux, Yngwie, Silva or Katapillar. Compositions such as Nighthound / Cucuroux / Yngwie / Aqours can be extremely powerful if used with a CCW with the Emblem of Devilry boosting the team DA/TA rate.

EMP Suggestions

Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Support Skill ★★★
DA ★★☆ DA ★★☆ DA ★★☆
ATK ★☆☆ ATK ★☆☆ ATK ★☆☆

This EMP repartition mostly attempts to boost the Second Years’ offensive abilities so that they can become decent damage dealers overall. The support skill is a must have as it will grant an additional 10% ATK up as a special mod to all the Aqours units (Second-Years included).

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st roll 2nd roll
C.A DMG Cap Triple Attack
Stamina Double Attack
Critical Hit

Once again, these bonuses are here to increase the unit’s offensive abilities. Note that while the C.A DMG Cap roll is the most rewarding, it might be difficult to reach C.A cap without a good grid and some external buffs.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Rikako AidaAnju Inami