Grea (Summer)

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Early Game Tier T1

Mid Game Tier T1

Late Game Tier T1+

Analysis by Diamonit
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Swimsuit Premium Draw


HP 1160
HP Rank
ATK 10050
ATK Rank


The “surprise” Summer character of 2018 ended up being the Lonesome Dragoness Grea, who decided to join her (extremely close) friend Anne’s element for the occasion. She fulfills the role of a Burst Attacker, with powerful auto-attacks and C.A, but is also able to buff an ally’s C.A specs greatly, making her the perfect fit in an element focusing on C.A damage in general.


Very high 3-turns damage potential

Thanks to her guaranteed TA, uplift effect on Link and Dracoforce debuff, Grea is able to have an extremely high DPS output for the first three turns, generally ending on a very powerful C.A.

Can guarantee TA for two turns for both herself and an ally

By linking with an ally, Grea is able to share the effect of her guaranteed TA skill, allowing another character of the player’s choice to get a guaranteed TA for two turns. This effect will particularly please characters reliant on having a TA to abuse some of their abilities.

Greatly increases C.A performance for herself and an ally permanently

Summer Grea can also Link with an ally in order to share powerful C.A buffs, making them reach very impressive C.A damage amounts (especially if those have already high C.A damage caps).


Lack of DA/TA outside of her short self-buff

Outside of her third skill, Grea’s DA/TA is fairly limited, which means she has to rely on grid Trium or external buffs most of the time in order to keep multiattacking.

Full Analysis

Similarly to many other Summer characters, Summer Grea is a direct upgrade from her Fire version. Not only does she boast the same high damage burst thanks to her self-buffs, but the Summer Dragoness also comes with added team utility thanks to her Link mechanic, which allows her to share her buffs with an ally of her choice.

The Lonesome Dragoness damage revolves mainly around her Dracoforce debuff, which is applied to the enemy through her first skill “Mana Agni”. Dracoforce is a local debuff effect that lasts 4 turns and is unclearable by the enemy while also guaranteed to land. When attacking a Dracoforced target, Grea will obtain two distinct sets of buffs : a 50% ATK up (Special mod) buff coupled with a 20% Echo buff on her auto attacks; and a 50% damage + 20% cap increase on her C.A. The special mod buff makes Grea hit extremely hard, and combined with her C.A damage increase, it becomes easy to see high C.A numbers while playing her. Finally, the 6 turns cooldown ensures that a Grea has a very reasonable uptime to make the most out of those buffs.

Summer Grea’s second skill, Blazing Duo,  is a rather unusual mechanic as it consists of linking Grea with another character in order to share buffs. Upon using this skill, both Grea and the target of her choice will be affected by Linkage, enhancing their battle abilities with the same buffs. When under Linkage effect, Summer Grea and the target will get 50% C.A damage up, 30% C.A cap up, 15% uplift and a 300 HP heal every turn. Since the skill has a 5 turns duration for 5 turns cooldown, those buffs can be considered permanent so long as the Link is reapplied right away. The Uplift combined to these C.A boosts makes the Link effects quite powerful. Grea ,for instance, will be able to combine it with her Dracoforce C.A buffs to totalize 100% C.A damage up + 50% C.A cap up, and there are a good number of Water characters who will enjoy the C.A enhancements as well as the permanent Uplift.

But that’s not where the effects of Grea’s Link stop. The Dragoness’ third skill, Dragonheart, is similar to her Fire version: for a cost of 30% charge bar, Grea will gain two turns of guaranteed TA, as well as a 60% crit chance buff (20% bonus damage). The new important part of that skill is that if Grea is Linked with another character while using this skill, it will share all of its effects to the target, meaning that when using this skill there should always be two characters with guaranteed TA for two turns. Which is quite insane considering the great buffs Linkage is already providing. Once again, a lot of key Water characters will appreciate the guaranteed TA, making Grea an even more powerful asset for Water Teams. It’s worth noting that the issue Grea had with activating this skill right after a C.A on her Fire version is not present anymore here, thanks to her 20% charge bar gain on her C.A combined with her permanent 15% uplift, Grea is guaranteed to start a turn at more than 30% charge bar.

Summer Grea is an ideal addition to Water teams, despite being in an element already crowded with great characters:

  • During the Early Game, the burst she provides on her C.A as well as her ability to quickly build a chain burst with an ally thanks to her Uplift and guaranteed TA makes her a great early game character able to burst strong enemies reliably.

  • The Mid Game might be the period where Grea may be just a tiny bit less relevant, as her lack of innate DA/TA can become an issue in longer fights, especially with her Fist proficiency being quite niche at this stage of the game.

  • The End Game is where Grea can truly shine, thanks to C.A cap up weapons such as Blue Spheres or Europa Harps. The predominance of C.A focused compositions over auto attacks and short burst characters who can benefit from her TA buffs make Grea the perfect teammate to have in many situations.

Characters and Grid Options

Samurai type characters

  • Vajra is quite possibly the most important synergy Grea has in Water teams. Not only does Vajra heavily benefit from the permanent Uplift in order to build up her C.A faster for her team buffs, but the guaranteed TA from Grea lines up nearly perfectly with Vajra’s Double Strike skill. The C.A buffs on Vajra are also naturally more than welcome since the Zodiac can sometimes have some issues capping her C.A

  • Kengo is the (only) other obvious choice for a Samurai type character in Water, as the class will enjoy getting more charge bar to increase their C.A frequency. Grea will also benefit from the guaranteed TA on Kengo’s Tri-Slash.

Characters with high innate C.A cap

  • Silva is one of the first names that come to mind for a high C.A cap character. With Grea’s Link effect, Silva’s already high burst become even more absurd, and as a bonus less reliant on the crit portion to get its full potential.

  • Although not as great as Silva due to her ramping up nature, Izmir can be a decent choice to Link with in order to increase her high C.A burst due to her Icy Blade stacks.

  • Yngwie is actually another great target for Grea’s Link, as he pretty much needs all of what the buff can provide: the guaranteed TA is great for his additional auto attack skill, the Uplift helps to either conserve his Tough Guy mode longer or to get him to C.A right away, and the C.A boost makes his super Ignition hit for massive damage.

Other various character synergies

  • Anre 5* is naturally a great candidate for Grea’s link, as the Triple Attack buff allows him to guarantee a TA on his Anytime Assassin. The Uplift buff is great to make him C.A as much as possible and benefit more from the team Stamina buff, while the C.A cap up is decent on a character with higher innate C.A cap.

  • While not exactly the best fit, Feower 5* will appreciate the Link buff in order to use his C.A more often, similarly to Anre. His extend is also great to prolong the guaranteed TA to 3 turns on both targets.

Grid weapons

  • The Unsigned Kaneshige CCW is an amazing main weapon to use as a Kengo MC in conjunction with Grea. The uplift portion of the Link goes over 20%, and makes Kengo become an unstoppable Charge Bar battery for the team while dishing extremely high C.A bursts.

  • Sentence weapons such as Europa Harps and Blue Sphere will be the perfect fit for Summer Grea, thanks to her already incredibly high C.A cap. It is not unusual for Grea to easily reach around 4,000,000 C.A damage with only two Europa harps for example.

  • Ultima claw with a C.A cap up skill is also a great fit for similar reasons, but the Trium granted by the weapon also helps Grea a lot in order to keep a good DA/TA rate outside of her third skill.

Fist proficiency teams

While Fist Ultima teams aren’t that common, they end up being a quite powerful niche team in the End game that doesn’t require using any of  the 5* Eternals. It generally consists of Luchador / Summer Grea / Vajra / Yngwie or Pholia. MC will generally equip a FLB Wilhelm as a main weapon due to the 20% team TA buff on C.A, and bring the usual Mist + Def breach + Tag Team combo. Grea will link with Vajra, and Yngwie is a self-sufficient character. Thanks to the Ultima and Willhelm, most characters in the team will have around 40% additional TA rate. Using an M2 grid is recommended in order to abuse the C.A damage potential the team can bring.

EMP Suggestions

Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ C.A Cap ★★★
Water ATK ★★☆ Water ATK ★★☆ TA ★★☆

Summer Grea has an excellent EMP, boosting her sustained offense through Crit nodes and two Water ATK nodes, while her burst potential is enhanced by the C.A cap node.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
C.A cap Triple Attack
Stamina Double Attack
Critical Hit

Very standard ring bonus suggestions for an attacker, the C.A cap bonus should obviously the highest priority to grab on Grea. It's worth noting that due to her sheet amount of great LB bonus to get ringing Summer Grea with an additional Perpetuity Ring might be a good choice.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Ayaka Fukuhara