Ilsa (Summer)

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Ilsa (Summer)
Ilsa (Summer)
Analysis by Katayoku no Aria
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Swimsuit Premium Draw


HP 1160
HP Rank
ATK 8640
ATK Rank


Summer Ilsa is a flexible character that primarily focuses on providing debuffs, but can also provide buffs for her squad and deal good damage with her nukes. Her powerful utilities and numerous nukes make her an effective character for newer players to use. The utilities in her kit alongside the damage potential from her burst skills are even strong enough to find some use mid and late game.


Powerful offensive and defensive debuffs

Her DEF Down (Stackable) has the potential to gradually reduce the defense of an enemy, allowing one to cap with another source of DEF Down like Miserable Mist. Ilsa’s unique debuffs allow her to debilitate enemies for multiple turns. This includes the tactical evasion of both the enemy’s special attacks and triggers.

Strong nuke damage

Ilsa is capable of dealing consistent nuke damage by utilizing multiple instances of end-of-turn nuking cover fire on top of her two nuke skills.

Decent buff potential

The Fire Attack Up (Stackable) provided by her Summer Hell Drill Sergeant passive can be a strong buff with a consistent 100% uptime, provided one can make proper use of it.


Requires turns to ramp buffs and debuffs

Due to the stacking nature of her passive Fire Attack Up and DEF Down (Stackable) debuff, multiple turns is often required to gain their full benefits. She also has to wait for the enemy to use a special attack to trigger her Type-3 Aerial Mine, which in some cases may never happen.

No active self-buffs for damage

The damage output of both Ilsa’s attacks and C.A. are fairly lackluster due to her only source of damage buff being her passive attack gain against foes in Overdrive. This may be somewhat compensated by her nukes but still doesn’t change that she requires teammate and/or grid support to have consistent damage.

Lack of consistent multiattack

Multiattack may be present in Ilsa’s kit, but the fact that it is only present during enemies in break state means that it cannot act as a consistent source for her throughout a fight. While she does have strong base values and EMPs to support her, she still needs a bit more to reach reasonable levels as an attacker.

Full Analysis

Summer Ilsa packs a loaded arsenal to cover any random flirt or monster ready to ruin her (short) beachside vacation, ready for a well-deserved break after training her cadets out under the fiery hot summer sun of Auguste. The drill sergeant brings along some interesting equipment to provide team buffs, offensive debuffs, and unique defensive debuffs to go along her main focus as a damaging nuker.

The key focal point of Ilsa’s kit lies in her ability to fire off numerous nukes at her foes, contributing resounding amounts of damage throughout encounters. Ilsa provides a 380,000 damage nuke with her Shadow Eaters and another 2,200,000 damage over the full duration of her Future Nova. If one can properly trigger the Type-3 Aerial Mine debuff on her Hellfire Club, it can detonate for a devastating 999,999 plain damage. This means that her skills, while sometimes delayed for their full effect, can provide a hefty amount of nuke damage. This may be a little worse for shooting down enemies at the start of the fight, but it also means that her sustained damage potential is something that can be worth noting, even outside of her normal attacks.

Ilsa gains strong buffs to her damage with her Rise Again passive that grants a different bonus depending on what mode the enemy happens to be in. When the foe is in Overdrive, Ilsa gains a powerful 20% unique modifier buff to help increase her overall damage. This can be used to help quickly Break enemies when combined with the mode bar cut present in her C.A. and her nukes. After putting the foe in Break, Ilsa trades this buff of for an increase to her multiattack. While these effects are a nice boon to have, the lack of consistency can prove difficult to build around. The passive also happens to possess a non-damage boosting effect in the increase to debuff success it gives while the enemy is in Normal mode. This can still prove very helpful as Ilsa provides a plethora of debuffs in her kit.

Beyond just providing damage from nukes Ilsa contributes unique forms of damage mitigation that are both powerful and come with the advantage of already being tied to a nuke. Her Shadow Eaters provides a debuff that can act as a superior version of Blind. This local Accuracy Lowered effect acts as a Blind that not only is able to make normal attacks miss, but can also do the same for all special attacks, including triggers. This is quite effective in sustaining the squad through hellish encounters that deal notable damage for the 3 turns it is up. Furthermore, Ilsa’s Hellfire Club can provide a local 2 turn paralyzed effect to the enemy when a special attack is used to trigger the Type-3 Aerial Mine debuff. While these debuffs may not have the best of uptimes with their respective values being 3/7 and 2/10, the effects more than make up for that in the potency of damage mitigation brought along.

One can find some extra utility along with the special debuffs Ilsa packs in her arsenal. Her Future Nova skill can apply a 10% DEF Down (Stackable) both initially and at the end of every turn for the 3 turns of the HVAP Round buff granted by this skill. This can be useful in applying up to 40% DEF Down by herself in longer encounters and can be used with other sources, like Miserable Mist, to cap DEF Down. It’s especially simple when using 5* Summons that can provide such debuffs in Fire such as Colossus Omega and the Arcarum Summon Devil, or other characters with DEF Down debuffs to expedite the process.

Ilsa provides an interesting buff to her squad in the form of a Fire ATK Up (Stackable). This triggers upon any instance of damage skills from the team and provides 3% per each stack. While this may seem negligible, the long duration of 6 turns means that it will be easy to maintain, while stacking up to a notable 30% at maximum efficacy. This can be an effectively permanent 30% Fire ATK Up for her entire squad with just the minor maintenance of pressing a single damage skill every six turns.

Summer Ilsa, while seemingly fated to be alone in love, appears to have great luck in finding good comrades. She has a kit that could be considered fairly strong, but her synergy with other characters in the element is what really propels her use and helps her maintain viability as an amazing unit when she could fall off a little later in the game. Even without this, Ilsa is a wonderful unit early game no matter who she is paired with due to the relative strength of nukes, their strong scaling, and the ability to provide amazing defensive utility to help new players survive content.

Characters and Grid Options

Characters with many damage skills

  • Metera carries a notable amount of three nuke skills that can help trigger Ilsa’s passive Fire Attack Up. On top of that, she also helps with defensive support in the form of a Charm and Delay.
  • Clarisse provides two nuke skills and the ability to cover 25% DEF Down and 15% Fire DEF Down to combine with Ilsa’s turn one 10% Stackable Defense Down Debuff.
  • 5* Tien also carries two nuke skills and has a niche utility that pairs amazingly with Ilsa: Skill Damage Cap Up. Ilsa’s ability to deal damage relies heavily on her cover fire nuking, so providing this is a huge boon for this hellfire instructor.
  • Other characters with multiple nukes can help trigger Ilsa’s passive while benefiting from Skill Damage Cap Up in the same way Ilsa does.

Characters with multiattack buffs

  • Societte is a wonderful option to use with Ilsa in racing scenarios, as she provides potent multiattack buffs, protects the squad with her Damage Cut, and acts as an aggro tank with increased survivability due to Ilsa’s damage mitigation.
  • Anila is an amazing all-rounder that can support the entire squad’s damage with her buffs, debuffs, heals, shields, and utility. Their synergy is most evident in their ability to cap DEF Down together with Miserable Mist and Anila fueling multiattack to Ilsa.

Grid Options

  • Skill DMG Cap Up Weapons are of high importance to Ilsa, as a large portion of her damage comes from her skill damage nukes. Examples of this are a β Key Ultima and Ray of Zhuque Malus.
  • Multiattack Weapons are great since Ilsa’s only source of multiattack is a conditional effect from her Rise Again passive. Due to this, weapons that give multiattack like Erichthonius and Fire of Prometheus help Ilsa function as an attacker.

Bow Proficiency Team

Though there is only one other member of capable of working with Ilsa for Atma Bow, Metera more than meets Ilsa’s standards as a capable unit with amazing synergy. This is notable to the extent that it would be worth running just for the pair if you happen to have an Atma Bow already. Metera not only provides synergistic utility and three complete nuke abilities for Ilsa’s passive, but can also give advice to Ilsa on how to deal with men. When it comes to supporting the pair, they even need the same assistance as attackers requiring excessive multiattack support and ways to tap into Enmity to fire themselves up more when on the offensive.

Gun Proficiency Team

One can form a cohesive squad of firearms experts that all work with similar goals in mind, with Rackam and Tien both benefiting from Skill Damage Cap Up in the same way that Ilsa does. On top of that, they all heavily appreciate support in multiattack as, without it, they are all lacking in consistent multiattack. Rackam can even help reduce the duration of enemy Overdrive so that both Ilsa and Tien can take advantage of the bonuses they get when the enemy is in Break. Even Aqours Third Years can help support Ilsa with additional survivability tools for more dangerous missions, where charging straightforward isn't the best route to victory.

EMP Suggestions

Skill DMG Cap ★★★ Debuff Success ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★
Critical Hit ★★★ Triple Attack ★★☆ Triple Attack ★★☆
Fire ATK Up ★★☆

As most of Ilsa’s kit is based on skill damage and debuffs, both Skill DMG Cap and Debuff Success are of high priority to obtain. Debuff Success is an especially interesting case, as the first point in it will help Ilsa reach 100% baseline accuracy with her DEF Down (Stackable) Debuff. The remaining nodes are all strong choices for the sake of increasing her general damage potential, as her damage outside her nukes can be lacking in different aspects at varying points during an encounter.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st roll 2nd roll
Skill DMG Cap Triple Attack
Debuff Success Double Attack
Critical Hit

Skill DMG Cap is once again a priority here, as that support to her nukes is the best support Ilsa can get for increasing her damage. Debuff Success is also a fair choice, but of less importance as Ilsa has fairly high rates of landing her debuffs. DATA rolls can also be very useful in reaching satisfactory levels of when combining it with her EMPs and strong base values. Enmity can be a decent alternative for those utilizing her with Nighthound and Zoey, but Critical Hit stands as a more consistent alternative for those unable to get more preferred rolls.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Mie Sonozaki