Naoise (Summer)

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Naoise (Summer)
Naoise (Summer)
Analysis by Diamonit
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Swimsuit Premium Draw


HP 2000
HP Rank
ATK 7160
ATK Rank


While previous Light Defense type characters often ended up being pure tanks that struggle to find a place in Light teams, Summer Naoise has the good taste of being more than just a Phalanx bot, and brings besides his damage cut some great team support, making him a quite desirable character for non-specialized Light teams.


On-demand Phalanx

Summer Naoise brings a 50% damage cut (70% against dark attacks) in order to protect your team, which can be very useful with a Stamina grid.

Perfect for C.A bursts setups

Between his 25% Light DEF down allowing to cap DEF down with Mist, and his team buff extremely similar to Ferry, Naoise is the ideal candidate for one turn boss blasting with Mechanic or during Strike Time.

Great base DA/TA despite being a DEF type

Thanks to his passive, Summer Naoise gets a noticeable DA/TA boost which allows him to keep a reasonable multi-attack rate, unlike other defensive characters.


Lack of Aggro up or Substitute effect to protect allies

Despite having a good defense, Naoise has no way to redirect attacks into himself in order to protect other vulnerable characters.

Full Analysis

Summer Naoise kit is simple, yet efficient, which is generally the best kind of kit a character can wish for. Despite being labeled as a DEF character, his role is quite flexible and is a character that can be slotted in most teams without a second thought.

Naoise will start every battle with a Lumen Lance self-buff, which is consumed by his second or third skill in order to improve their effectiveness. The only way for Naoise to recharge this Lumen Lance buff is to use his C.A, and the buff cannot be dispelled by an enemy.

His first skill, Ritter Shield II, is a 50% damage cut with an added 20% dark damage cut on top of it, on a 6 turns cooldown. It means that dark damage will be cut by 70%, while other elements will only receive a 50% damage cut. It’s not a skill that is necessarily mandatory in an element like Light, but it can make Early game progression much easier.

His second skill, Lucent Thrust, is a 550,000 cap damage nuke that will also cast a 25% Light DEF down on the enemy. The base accuracy of the debuff is 85%, which can be increased to 95% with his EMP node, which is most of the time reliable enough to use on element. If used with Naoise’s Lumen Lance buff, the nuke portion will activate twice and the base accuracy of the debuff becomes 100% (110% with his EMP), making the debuff much more likely to land. Having a character that’s able to cap DEF down is important as it grants much more flexibility for MC skills and class, even though Light doesn’t lack DEF down characters to begin with.

Naoise’s third skill is perhaps the most interesting of all. Aureate Stance will boost his next C.A damage by 80% and C.A cap by 20%, while also granting a 50% chance crit buff (1.5x multiplier). The thing is that if Naoise consumes his Lumen Lance buff on it, all of those buffs will become team-wide. That makes Naoise becomes a pseudo Ferry as he is able to increase everyone’s C.A damage and cap, but he also brings a crit buff which lasts for 3 turns. The cooldown is a bit long on the skill (7 turns), but it still makes Naoise an incredible buffer in an element that relies on C.A effects.

His passive will naturally boost his defensive abilities, granting Naoise a 20% damage cut against overdrive enemies, and an 80% DEF buff when affected by an enemy debuff. But the more remarkable part is that when Naoise is not debuffed, he gets a 20% DA / 10% TA buff. This is extremely important as it allows Naoise to be much less reliant on external DA/TA buffs or an Atma spear in order to have a decent DA/TA rate.

Summer Naoise ends up being a great overall character, with a kit that does a bit of everything while remaining very effective.

  • During the Early game, his shield is a precious skill that can allow the player to survive dangerous enemy special attacks. This pseudo-phalanx isaccessible without having to sacrifice damage or utility, unlike other similar DEF characters.

  • In the Mid game, his ability to cap DEF down and his C.A damage boost allows the player to burst and end fights quickly, whether it is for solo battles or raids.

  • The End game gives Naoise a new additional niche: Light Atma spear teams. With his already high base DA/TA, Naoise can boast some very good multi-attack rate while still keeping his previous role as a buffer / debuffer / tank, making him a very versatile character.

Only already very specialized teams that focus on a different weapon proficiency (Atma Staff or Atma sword) might have less interest in Summer Naoise. But he’s otherwise a very solid character to use.

Characters and Grid Options

High C.A cap characters

  • While not having herself a high C.A cap, Ferry is able to buff the team’s C.A specs with her second skill, and her buffs will all stack with Naoise, making her the perfect candidate to use for C.A turn 1 burst.

  • Fif 5* with her high natural cap is a great fit with Naoise for even higher C.A damage. Pairing the two makes it also virtually impossible to get killed by the enemy.

  • Tweyen in  similar fashion benefits from the C.A boost due to her high natural C.A cap. The crit buff she provides, as well as debuff resistance down against the enemy are also quite welcomed by Naoise so he can deal more damage himself and land his Light DEF down more reliably.

  • Dorothy and Claudia, Robomi are also characters to keep in mind as they also have high base C.A cap.

Charge bar boosting characters

Characters like Amira, Seruel and Fif 5* who can boost their team charge bar allow Naoise to charge attack more often, thus obtaining his Lumen buff at a faster rate. As a result, it becomes even possible to have Lumen charges for both his second and third skill if provided enough charge bar boosts. Using Mechanic or Apsaras as the MC’s class is also recommended.

Grid weapons

  • Huanglong spear as a main weapon is a great fit thanks to its skill which boost by 20% the team C.A DMG and C.A cap.

  • Ultima Spear Trium with a C.A cap key is also an excellent weapon to bring if using a spear team.

  • Stamina based grids, in general, will benefit from having a character able to bring a damage cut to mitigate incoming damage.

  • Xeno Corrow sword as a main hand will give a nice uplift buff to Naoise so he can use his C.A more often.

Spear proficiency teams

Atma spear Light teams with characters such as Jeanne D’Arc, Juliet, Summer Zeta and Summer Heles is also a possibility. Pairing Naoise with Summer Zeta, in particular, is a good idea thanks to Zeta’s ability to lower the enemy debuff resistance rate. Using classes such as Apsaras is generally ideal thanks to the Charge bar it’s able to provide to the team.

Combos setups

Naoise’s preferred combo is most likely the one turn kill setup, consisting of Mechanic / Ferry / Naoise / Dorothy and Claudia. Ferry is optional here and can be replaced by Tweyen 5* for example. The combo is pretty simple:

  • Use Mechanic to charge up everyone

  • Use Naoise’s third skill to boost everyone’s C.A specs

  • Then, use Naoise second skill to apply Light DEF down

  • Use The Maids skills to get them to 170% charge

  • Use Ferry C.A boost (which should stack with Naoise)

  • Unleash a Full Burst Combo.

It should net a pretty high amount of honor, and is likely to one turn kill enemies with less than 10m HP. It can even be abused with a Shiva support in order to overcap damage even more.

EMP Suggestions

Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Debuff success ★★★
DA ★★☆ ATK ★★☆ ATK ★★☆

Debuff success is crucial in order to make Naoise more likely to land his Light DEF down debuff. The rest of the nodes are here to improve his offensive power.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
Debuff success Triple Attack
C.A DMG Cap Double Attack
Critical hit

The debuff success roll is once again very important so that Naoise won’t have to rely on using his Lumen buff in order to land his DEF down. If focusing on his 1 turn burst combo, C.A cap can also be a good pick to maximize damage. The other rolls are here to maximize Naoise's sustained damage.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Gō Inoue