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Early Game Tier T2

Mid Game Tier T1

Late Game Tier T1

Analysis by Katayoku no Aria
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Premium Gala


HP 1166
HP Rank
ATK 7899
ATK Rank


Utilizing both her own overflowing magic reserves and Bai Ze’s powers as a Primal Beast, Pholia manifests powerful buffs on both herself and one of her allies, making them excellent sustained attackers requiring little else to deal significant damage. Beyond this, Pholia also possess a unique debuff providing the rare effect in stopping triggered and standard special attacks from enemies.


Self-Sufficient Attacker

Pholia provides herself with strong self-buffs with potentially no downtime. This covers attack, defense, critical hit, and guaranteed DA, making her a self-sufficient sustained attacker with little to no maintenance needed.

Provides a strong single target buff

She can also grant a similarly strong boost to an ally that covers critical hit, armored, debuff immunity, multiattack, and an amazing 20% increase to damage cap. The set of boons applied may be different, but they achieve a similar result in making the character an effective sustained attacker with buffs that have numbers surpassing her own.

Special defensive debuff

Sea-Sky Offing is a unique defensive debuff with a rare effect, both inducing a Petrify effect and a freeze on all special attacks from the enemy, including both triggers and full charge diamonds.


With a consistent way to refresh her shield and defensive buffs that will always be present for it, Pholia is able to tank a great deal of damage more than other characters due to the protection provided.


Lack of team buffs

While Pholia can buff another team member, she lacks buffs that can cover the entire team, limiting her flexibility in compositions.

Drawbacks on skills

While Pholia’s skills are of remarkable strength, her buffing skills come with significant drawbacks that can often make her more difficult to use in longer fights. Her own buff can fall off easily in fights where she is dealt lots of damage in between each C.A., inflicting a severe reduction of her capabilities. The buff she grants to another ally inflicts a 20% Max HP Lowered (Stackable) debuff, heavily reducing their survivability over the course of longer fights.

Full Analysis

Embarking with her newfound freedom, Pholia brings her fluffy friend Bai Ze along on a journey in exile. Going wherever her whims guide her, she finds herself still reliant on the magical abilities of her and her friend to push through situations. Able to gain the benefits of a powerful White Veil buff, she can make herself a strong sustained attacker with one skill alone. While she is reliant on her shield portion of White Veil to keep her buffs up, if she can avoid losing it, this buff will be able to stay up with no other maintenance and a refresh on C.A. to help restore it’s fortitude. She is also able to borrow the powers of Bai Ze to grant a buff of comparable strength to another character, making them a sustained attacker of similar caliber. Pholia even brings valuable utility in the form of a powerful defensive debuff with his help.

The White Veil that covers her imbues powerful buffs that make Pholia a formidable attacker with this skill alone. Granting a 30% unique mod boost to attack, guaranteed DA, and a guaranteed 20% damage boost critical hit, it covers enough criteria to make her a sustained attacker without need for external support. This even comes on a condition separate from duration, allowing it to be up indefinitely should this condition be fulfilled.

What keeps White Veil up is the defensive portion of the buff that grants a shield of up to 8000 HP consisting of 40% of her max health. The loss of her shield is especially impactful as she not only has to deal with the buff falling off but also with the Unveiled Sin debuff inflicted on her that lowers her attack, defense, multiattack rate, and boosts her hostility. While she does have a 30% defense buff and a refresh to her shield on C.A. to support this, it is still required that one be wary of the damage she takes in order to sustain her ability as an attacker. Fortunately for her, if this is broken after the cooldown if this skill ends, she can simply recast this buff even if still plagued with Unveils Sin.

Bai Ze helps boost the offensive capabilities of a single character with Recognition. This grants a special buff, Trance Absolution, that provides a separate set of boosts to help make another character into a powerful attacker. Characters under the effect of Trance Absolution will unlock an increased offensive potential gaining guaranteed DA, some minor TA, guaranteed Crit with a 50% damage boost, and a massive 20% increase to general damage cap. This special buff covers a long 5/8 uptime with a painful cost of 20% Max HP Lowered(Stackable) being inflicted to the targeted character. While the defensive buffs of Debuff Immunity and a guaranteed 30% reduction Armored buff help to reverse this loss, each subsequent use of Recognition makes survival increasingly difficult for the buffed character. This is especially true for longer fights where repeated use this skill may even extend to its limit of 5 uses, making the targeted character almost impossible to keep alive. The flexibility of being able to change targets may be a nice boon, but it does little to alleviate this problem as one will often have one main target planned for pairing due to the potential damage loss bringing support reliant units could entail.

While her Recognition may lie as a buff suitable for improving standard attackers requiring multiattack and further damage buffs, one can still use this skill in other ways. One way is to pair her with a character that has a strong C.A. effect like MC with the Four Sky Blade. Being able to ensure DA with the 30(35)% TA allows for one to more easily manage C.A. cycles to keep up the strong multiattack buffs more consistently. Another example of this can lie with the potential of her 20% damage cap boost in shorter content. Pairing her with nukers or assassins can often do wonders for more easily clearing content with quick bursts of damage.

Not falling behind Pholia’s other skill options, the Mark of Indistinction acts as an outstanding debuff that not only covers the effects of a Petrify with her special Sea-Sky Offing debuff on enemies, but even furnishes itself with the unique ability to stop any form of special attacks. This means that on top of freezing charge diamonds to prevent special attacks, it can stop them even when the enemy is already full on diamonds or any special attacks from triggers. The only exception to this are enemies that already ignore any sort of trigger prevention. Ignoring those unique cases, this powerful debuff lets people claw through triggers and even run through multiple at once with impunity. Mark of Indistinction works to open up spots that would otherwise need to be devoted to defense so that her team can progress through content more effectively.

Unleashing her magic, Pholia finds herself no longer enveloping her targets in an eternal dark slumber or sitting atop a throne leading as a Sovereign in repentance, but rather wielding her power to move forward free to pursue her own desires and those of her allies along with her capable partner Bai Ze. With his support, she manages to both become and make another unit powerful sustained attackers. Even with the unpleasant drawbacks of her skills, their efficacy often makes up for the issues that they cause. Beyond the offensive coverage that this pair brings, their ability to mask the team from triggers already carves her a strong niche with potential in many encounters. The damage cap increase further supports burst damage useful for working past these triggers that that are delayed. With her potent skills she acts as a strong character at all points of the game for short encounters, falling behind only in longer fights where survival starts becoming an issue. While this can prove fatal in the Early Game, the increased health pools and defensive options one finds in Mid and End Game make her a significantly notable choice only omitted from the most cohesive of teams.

Characters and Grid Options

Attackers that need multiattack

  • Uno 5*, Vajra, Silva, Izmir, Summer Izmir are all strong attackers who lack multiattack support. Pholia’s Trance Absolution absolves them of this problem, granting them the ability to act as strong and consistent sustained attackers.
  • Romeo, Anne are both characters with consistent unique modifier buffs to their attacks while providing defensive support for Pholia as well. This extra protection helps Pholia maintain her shield in more difficult encounters and helps them maintain their own HP after taking on stacks of the Max HP Lowered (Stackable) debuffs.

Characters that support constant C.A.s

  • Summer Grea can grant Pholia direct charge bar support with her Uplift and/or indirect support from consistent C.A.s. This allows for Pholia to maintain her White Veil shield up at full value to keep her both safe and always buffed by her Wise Sovereign, Loyal Retainer passive. On top of this, Pholia heavily appreciates the two turns of guaranteed TA as the TA values from her passive is essentially nonexistent.
  • Altair can periodically grant a 30% team-wide Charge Boost on demand that can help speed up a C.A. to refresh her shield. The strong offensive buffs Altair brings can also help whichever character is targeted by Pholia’s Trance Absolution, in order to easily reach the increased damage cap.
  • Kengo is a class that can work for the purpose of supplying charge bar, specifically when using Unsigned Kaneshige. The frequent charge boosts from each Kaneshige C.A. allow her to maintain her White Veil fairly easily. In return, Pholia can grant Kengo even more buffs, covering multiattack when the MC loses Clarity of Mind. This makes C.A.s from MC even more consistent in response furthering the C.A. support.


Cucouroux fills a similar role to Pholia, being able to sustain herself with strong multiattack while being able to buff one person into becoming a strong sustained attacker. As both of them are able to act as attackers without much help, the remaining two members can benefit from each of the respective buffs from Pholia and Cucouroux to make a team without significant multiattack issues.

Grid Options

  • HP Weapons with attack skills like Fimbul or (Ancient) Auberons can prove useful in making sure that Pholia has enough HP to reach higher shield amounts while easing survivability issues her Recognition target will have.
  • C.A. DMG Cap Up Weapons are a great choice due to her powerful self-buffs that allow her to more easily hit C.A. cap and her desire to C.A. as often as possible to refresh her shield. Examples of this are Tyros Zither and Blue Sphere that can boost both C.A. damage and cap.

Staff Proficiency Team

Atma Staff is a wonderful composition as many of the staff characters in Water are strong units, with the versatility of the group allowing for them to cover a great deal of utilities especially in regards to teambuilding. Altair is a staple character that is already used in many Water lineups due to his ability to provide powerful buffs and debuffs to the team. His Charge Boost can also prove especially valuable to Pholia to help keep up her White Veil. When it comes to defensive utility, Arulumaya can provide Veil and Lily can cover damage cuts. Drang can be a strong choice for an attacker that can also provide some extra utility and healing as a bonus. Though there may be overlapping coverage between some characters, the flexibility and strength of the choices can often make up for this. Additionally, weapon grids can even utilize a strong weapon specialized for staff characters in the Tyros Scepter that can help increase the potency of their C.A. by significantly raising the damage cap. Pholia is especially appreciative of this weapon as a character that can capitalize on this increase.

Melee Proficiency Team

While not as varied in choices compared to Staff Proficiency teams, Atma Fist based teams are also an amazing choice to consider when putting together Water lineups. Within the choices are the two standout options Grea and Yngwie who are both notably strong characters even outside of melee based compositions. They work as complimenting attackers that function well with Pholia for a damage focussed team. This is especially the case with Grea, who has reasonable synergy with Pholia by supporting her desire to C.A.. Beyond these attackers, more supportive choices like Socie or Lady Katapillar and Vira can also be viewed as alternatives as they can cover extra damage support or nukes along with the attack and defense down debuffs that are compatible with each other.

EMP Suggestions

HP ★★★ Defense ★★☆ Defense ★★☆
Triple Attack ★★☆ Triple Attack ★★☆ Water Attack ★★☆
Attack ★☆☆ Attack ★☆☆

Unlike most characters Pholia prioritizes defense EMP nodes over offensive ones. This is due to the overall strength of her self-buffs and how important it is to keep her shield up for those buffs. After filling out HP and some Defense, one can start improving her damage with nodes like TA and Water Attack.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
Debuff Success Triple Attack
C.A. DMG Cap Defense
Stamina Dodge

The priority of the first ring roll relies on what direction is desired for Pholia. Debuff success is for improving her Mark of Indistinction, while C.A. DMG Cap is a strong choice for improving her capabilities as an attacker. While she does reach C.A. cap reasonably with her strong self-buffs, Stamina is a good choice for improving her overall damage as an alternative. Though Defense and Dodge are of high priority in improving her shield uptime for her buffs, Triple Attack is a good choice for overall damage otherwise.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Maaya Uchida