Rosetta (Summer)

Rosetta (Summer)

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Rosetta (Summer)
Rosetta (Summer)
Analysis by Diamonit
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Swimsuit Premium Draw


HP 1340
HP Rank
ATK 8500
ATK Rank


Following in the steps of her Wind version, Summer Rosetta is mostly a support with powerful buffs that also needs some time to ramp up. Her mechanics are however completely different, as she requires to be protected from enemy aggro to maintain her buffs as much as possible.


Extremely powerful team buffs

With a potential 70% earth attack up, 25% water damage reduction, and 30% earth echos, Summer Rosetta can tremendously buff a team’s offensive potential, adding both raw damage and overcap through echoes, which works wonderfully with most high specs earth attackers. And those buffs are even undispellable!

Very good team utility

With a skill combining both Heal and Clarity alongside a Charm effect on her Charge Attack, Rosetta also offers some great team support which makes her valuable against boss with annoying debuff effects or charge attacks.

Shines against paralyzed enemies

Against an enemy unable to attack her, Rosetta becomes the strongest earth buffer with no competition, as she is assured to continue buffing her whole team for as long as the enemy is incapacitated. As a result, Bahamut HL is her main niche due to the prevalence of paralyze in the raid.


Her buffs fall out easily

Rosetta’s Rose Barrier effect only lasts as long as her shield is effective on her, and it can only soak up a measly 4000 HP. With her high aggro, this effect will be lost extremely quickly against hard hitting enemies, possibly before she even gets to max out her buffs.

Does not offer any DA/TA boost

Earth characters generally have good raw damage thanks to their self buffs, but more often need DA/TA support, which Rosetta does not offer (unlike her wind version).

Restricts team versatility

Due to requiring characters able to protect her, the compositions where Rosetta can be effectively played are quite limited and clash with the often used Earth attacker powerhouses.

Full Analysis

After being teased in a video promotional, Summer Rosetta (also nicknamed JK for ‘Joshi Kousei’) finally gets a release as a SSR. While her kit might look similar to her wind Grand version, the execution takes a complete 180° turn as this Rosetta prefers to avoid getting hit as much as possible in order to maintain her buffs.

The eternal JK’s first skill is Blue Rose Barrier, granting herself a 70% Max HP shield (up to 4000 HP). As long as this shield is not depleted, Rosetta will grant the team buffs that ramp up, peaking after 4 turns with 70% Earth ATK up, 25% Water damage reduction, and 30% Earth echo. It’s important to note that other Shield effects (for example Grimnir call) will be ineffective while Blue Rose Barrier is active, and also that the buffs will last one more turn after Rose Barrier is depleted. Finally, while affected with Blue Rose Barrier, Rosetta will receive an aggro buff, granting her roughly a 50% chance to be targeted by an enemy’s attacks.

In order to not suffer too much from an unlucky case of her barrier getting removed early, Rosetta’s third skill will reset the cooldown of Rose Barrier. Unfortunately, resetting Blue Rose Barrier once it’s been depleted will not prevent Rosetta from losing her buff effects, and it will be necessary to wait for her buffs to ramp up again.

Utility wise, Rosetta benefits the team through a 2000 HP heal and clear, quite useful in situations where the team gets incapacitated by a debuff, especially with the recrudescence of Veil piercing debuffs. Her charge attack’s added effect poisons and charms the target, the charm assisting her in not getting attacked, preserving her buffs. Landing those debuffs will also help Rosetta’s damage potential as she’ll get guaranteed crit chance (1.2x damage) against poisoned (water) enemies, and 10% overall damage cap boost against charmed enemies.

With all that being said, while her numbers are quite high and impressive on her buffs, she has heavy limitations that make her quite impractical to use. First of all, the fact that she draws so much aggro while having a relatively weak 4000 HP shield to keep her buffs intact is a real issue. It’s nowhere nearly enough for her to reliably preserve her buffs for a long time, which means that she will be required to pair with characters and summons able to protect her (excluding shields). This is somehow counterintuitive to most support characters who are generally relied upon to increase other characters’ potential rather than needing other characters to function.

Secondly, her buffs take a pretty long time to ramp up: at least 4 turns to obtain the full effect of the echo (which is arguably the most important one). Should one  refuse to pair her with characters able to protect her, it is extremely likely that she will lose her buffs’ effect before even reaching their full potential, forcing the player to start again from the beginning. This becomes even worse in high end content when enemies start to deal high amounts of damage even with simple auto attacks.

The final nail in the coffin is that unlike her regular wind version, Summer Rosetta does not boost DA/TA, which is arguably one of the most needed buff for earth teams who often rely on Atma sword or katana to compensate (Atma that she will not benefit from). At the end of the day, Summer Rosetta is very similar to Summer Korwa : powerful buffs that require too much maintenance to be used properly.

Characters and Grid Options

Characters with defensive abilities

  • Alexiel comes immediately to mind when thinking of possible partners to Rosetta, thanks to her one-hit invulnerability and damage cut, both precious in order to prevent Rosetta from losing her shield in an untimely way. Alexiel also benefits from Rosetta’s presence : the Earth Attack Up bonus from Rose Barrier will trigger Alexiel’s passive, granting an additional 30% earth attack up to the team.

  • Characters with a substitute ability like Sara, Razia and Soriz can effectively protect Rosetta against multi-hit specials or auto attacks, especially since her high aggro will often make her receive most of the hits. Soriz especially can protect Rosetta for two turns in a row which is even better.

  • Yaia with her conditional substitute and her 60% team Def up should also be considered as a possible complimentary buffer to Rosetta as none of their buffs overlap.

  • Sparta also serves as a great protection for Rosetta, with an on-demand Phalanx and the ability to bring Aggro up or Substitute skills.

Characters with defensive debuffs

  • Catherine with her Entice is a great fit with Summer Rosetta, as it becomes possible to land both Charm and Entice to cancel most of the enemy attacks to keep Rose Barrier safe.

  • Valentine Medusa can cast her Stared Stiff debuff, which works similarly to charm. She also has a Repel which can serve to mitigate or negate AoE damage. Medusa also benefits from enemies being poisoned.

  • Eustace and Halloween Eustace both have a local paralyze, which can relieve some of the pressure off from Rosetta if it manages to land for two turns.

  • Chaos Ruler with Arrow Rain III, Gravity, or Blind are also advised in order to reduce the chances of the enemy hurting Rosetta. Similarly, an Elysian can help to land debuffs such as Charm with its improved success rate.

Defensive Main Hand weapons

A Xeno Vohu Sword as a main hand is an excellent fit for Rosetta, especially against off element content where her elemental buff boost is more noticeable. Transforming all incoming attacks into water will not only reduce the amount of damage received, but will be further decreased by Rosetta’s water damage reduction buff. Other specific weapons such as the Class Champion Weapons Maverick and Guardian’s Xiphos can also succeed in protecting Rosetta with their added substitute effects.

Defensive summon calls

Summon calls such as Alexiel, Athena, Gilgamesh, Water carbuncles, Garuda / Tiamat FLB, Uriel, Freyr, are all important in order to protect Rosetta’s Barrier, keeping the buffs going a little longer.

Double Magna or Double Primal grids

Thanks to the extremely high amount of Earth ATK up multiplier Rosetta brings, it becomes more than justified to use Yggdrasil X Yggdrasil (generally Magna 2 stamina grid) or Titan x Titan (with a few Grand Weapons) in order to balance out the damage modifiers better. If used with other characters who raise the player’s Earth ATK up, it becomes even possible to use such setups against off-element / null element content.

EMP Suggestions

Debuff Success ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Earth Attack ★★☆
Defense ★★★ Defense ★★★ Healing ★☆☆

Prioritizing Defense points is a given in order to reduce incoming damage and keep Blue Rose Barrier active as long as possible. Debuff success is important in order to maximize her chances to land Charm on her C.A. If struggling to reach enough HP to max her shield, investing some points in HP nodes is fine as well.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st roll 2nd roll
Debuff Success Defense
C.A DMG cap Dodge
Stamina Triple Attack
Critical Hit Double Attack

Debuff Success and DEF for the same reasons as stated above. Dodge is generally less efficient than DEF unless stacked alongside other sources. The other bonus are all around offensive buffs that help Rosetta’s sustained damage.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Rie Tanaka