Soriz (SSR)

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Soriz (SSR)
Soriz (SSR)
Analysis by Katayoku no Aria
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Premium Draw


HP 1300
HP Rank
ATK 10200
ATK Rank


Soriz is a character with high firepower in both attacks and nukes while being able to act as a situational tank. His odd requirements of needing to be with female characters may be a detriment to team building flexibility, but he can still act out his role even if there are no “ladies” present. He may be a reasonably strong attacker but lacks the ability to do much else if your characters don’t fit well with his aesthetic sense. In addition, his restrictions on teambuilding and lack of notable features outside of his tank role make him less desirable even if you can build around him.


Strong consistent attacker with self-attack buffs

Soriz can be a consistent damage dealer providing himself with different types of attack buffs (static damage boost, Strength, and a unique mod). His Strength buff from his C.A. has a long duration of six turns, meaning it can be consistent throughout encounters.

Large nuke potential

He carries two nukes that can be reset to deal large amounts of damage at the start of the fight. This nuke potential grows the more it is cast, so it helps deal more damage as encounters drag on.

Provides minor debuffs

Soriz provides DEF Down (Stackable) through Bravado Bullet, which can help cap DEF Down with enough turns and Miserable Mist. This can still be supplemented with other sources for faster results.

Aggro Tank

Soriz can act as an aggro tank through his passive that boosts his hostility to redirect attacks and his HP to take them. He can sustain through the hits by consistently healing himself with Tenacious Will. If a “lovely lady” is present, he can protect her with a substitute reinforced by a self defense boost.


Slow ramp times

A large portion of his sustained damage is dependent on his Strength buff, which cannot be easily obtained at the start of the fight. He needs to charge attack to gain the buff, but lacks any tools like multiattack or charge gain to reach it quickly. Even his Bravado Bullet takes four activations to reach its ultimate damage cap and his passive requires him to take ten hits to reach its maximum.

No innate multiattack

Multiattack is an important aspect of an attacker and Soriz is severely lacking in this being unable to provide any of it to himself outside of his EMPs and base DATA.

Composition dependent

Soriz needs to be paired with enough “ladies” to actually find his real use as a character. This limits his viability until more compatible characters are released.

Full Analysis

This perverted martial artist of the fundoshi trio finds himself with a kit that properly reflects his personality in his preferential treatment of female characters. Soriz can act as a straightforward attacker and nuker with his kit, but can only be fully utilized in an Earth team composed of “ladies” that can empower his ultimatum. He tries to display his masculinity by protecting them as a self-healing tank while leaving the other men out to dry. Without his “ladies” the only utility he can provide is a DEF Down debuff.

A big part of his kit lies in the fact that he can pump out a large number of nukes that inflict scaling damage. His nukes, Tenacious Will and Bravado Bullet both deal numerous small nukes that deal up to 80,000 damage each. Tenacious Will caps at 480,000 damage with six hits while Bravado Bullet also starts with six hits and can gain an additional hit per skill use, up to a maximum of ten hits for 800,000. His passive heavily affects this as each Manliness stack can add an additional 5000 damage per individual hit. This means that he could be dealing up to 2 million in one turn before you take into consideration his ability to reset the cooldown of both his nukes with Macho Ultimatum. This ability to double up on your nuke burst allows this character to excel in DPT content like Arcarum.

Bravado Bullet provides a stackable DEF Down on top of its damage. This gives 10% DEF Down on cast, which can help cap DEF Down at 50% with Miserable Mist and another source of defense down like Defense Breach. If one forgoes the cooldown of his third skill to reset his second, you can reach 20% DEF Down on the first turn. The debuff stacks up to 30%, meaning that you can cover the remaining DEF Down a few turns later if required.

Tenacious Will provides a self-heal in addition to its damage. The heal can bring back a hefty 5,000 HP alongside bonus healing which scales with his Manliness level and skill usage up to five times. This helps him stay healthy as he directs attacks away from his "ladies." Combined with his third skill, he can reset its cooldown to restore a significant amount of health, which helps him function well in Stamina based Magna II Grids.

Macho Ultimatum, on top of its previously mentioned cooldown reset, provides utilities only when he is paired up with his peeping targets. A hefty 80% Defense Up is paired with his primary active defense tool for the team: a substitute only for females. He also gains a unique modifier Attack Up for this skill’s duration that scales 10% for each female, up to 30%. This gives him a short burst of extra damage during the 2 turn duration of this skill.

With the numerous stackable aspects to his kit and his reliance on his C.A. for his primary offensive buff, one can see that Soriz specializes in longer fights even if his nukes are able to provide a strong burst at the start. This makes Soriz fitting for a damage dealing role, but also means that he can be lacking for fights that are too short when discounting his initial burst. The lack of overall team utility in his kit also means that he finds himself unable to provide much support outside of his damage. Due to the restrictions on team composition he imposes, one can easily find themselves dropping him in favor of other less prejudiced attackers that provide more utility or focus on doing even more damage.

Characters and Grid Options

“Ladies” that can support him with multiattack

  • Arulumaya provides a Skill Cap Up as well as a boost his skill damage and has a chance to help buff multiattack.
  • De La Fille can help provide a full uptime attack, defense, and multiattack buff that gives healing to help keep Soriz’s Strength buff up.
  • Cagliostro provides healing to help maintain Strength and multiattack while assisting in capping DEF Down with Miserable Mist and Bravado Bullet.
  • Mahira provides an attack, defense, multiattack, and C.A cap boost on a special buff that requires setup. This pairs well with the ramping nature of Soriz’s kit. She also provides echo and can help cap DEF Down with a single cast of Soriz’s Bravado Bullet.
  • Elysian(Female) is a class one can play that provides strong multiattack for Soriz and the team.

“Ladies” that want to stay untouched

Characters like Threo, Hallesena, and Nemone are great choices to pair with Soriz. These characters generally find themselves not wanting to be hit and can be “ladies” under the protection of Soriz.

Grid Options

  • Stamina Weapons, like Nibelung Horn, work well with Soriz. His strong self-heal helps support this even if he takes more aggro through his kit. You will also want to keep him healthy either way since he has Strength all the time as well. Thus, he plays well in a Magna 2 Earth setup.
  • Multiattack Weapons help Soriz with his biggest issue as an attacker. Examples of this exist in Optimus setups with options like AK4-A and Mirror Blade Shard. His buffs happen to not conflict with the normal mod of such setups, making him a possible choice. Skill DMG Cap Up Weapons help Soriz as a big part of his damage are from nukes that easily hit cap. Examples of this are a β Key Ultima Weapon, Compound Gadget Bow, and general cap up weapons like Baihu Claw Malus.

Melee Proficiency Teams

Despite fist being a reasonable atma for Earth, Soriz finds himself in an awkward place with the rest of the fist users. The primary fist target he would want to protect, Ayer, is male. On top of that, his other choices are characters like Yggdrasil and Sarah, who have a tendency to redirect aggro toward themselves. He still appreciates the multiattack buff as he lacks any form of it in his kit, unlike his SR version.

EMP Suggestions

Skill DMG Cap ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★
Hostility Up ★★★ Double Attack ★★☆ Double Attack ★★☆

Skill cap is extremely important as nukes are a heavy emphasis of Soriz’s kit, while Critical Hit is often valuable on any attacker making it a clear choice. The focus on double attack is also important as he has no other way of providing himself with multiattack buffs. Hostility Up is an optional choice to help him act out his possible role as an aggro tank.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
Skill DMG Cap Triple Attack
C.A. DMG Cap Double Attack
Stamina Healing
Critical Hit

Multiattack is heavily valued in his kit, so DA or TA is important to obtain from rings. He also puts Skill DMG Cap up to great use unless you find yourself just using him without touching his skills. In that case, Stamina is a strong alternative when using him as a simple attacker. C.A DMG cap is a standard alternative as his strong self-buffs can help him reach cap on his charge attack. Healing could also be used as a tool to assist him in sustaining his stamina with improved heals and act as a more solid tank.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Rikiya Koyama