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Early Game Tier T2

Mid Game Tier T3

Late Game Tier T4

Analysis by Diamonit
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Premium Draw


HP 1100
HP Rank
ATK 10500
ATK Rank


Tsubasa’s kit is a good representation of his personality: while he might seem like the type of character who would have a kit befitting of a selfish attacker, he ends up being much more of a team player. To the point where he might as well be labeled as a buffer over an attacker, contrary to what his in-game typing suggests.


Local 3 turns Fear

Tsubasa is able to delay the enemy’s special for three turns, all the while being on a short cooldown of 6 turns.

Abundance of team buffs

With his team Fire ATK up buff on his C.A, his short duration DA/TA buff, or even the additional echo to the team against enemies with Fear, Tsubasa makes for a great buffer.

Specialized in C.A team burst

Thanks to his second skill, Tsubasa’s main role is to allow the team to easily reach cap and even overcap a bit on an immediate full chain burst. This is especially useful for one-turn kill shenanigans.


Low damage

Despite Tsubasa’s in-game ATK type, his own damage is anything but good, and none of his skills or passives allow him to deal higher damage, except for his passive and EMP nodes allowing him to charge attack often and for a good amount.

Utility that falls out of relevance in the Late game

Fear is much less relevant in Late game fights, as most bosses will often have triggers that will not get affected. High uptime DA/TA buffs are also more sought after over low uptime buffs, and DA buffs also lose some of their value. Even the Fire ATK up buff remains only passable, as Fire setups do generally not make use of double Primal or double Magna grids.

Full Analysis

Tsubasa’s role is (surprisingly enough) not to roll over his enemies with his motorcycle, nor is it to bash enemy skulls with his wooden rod, but to inspire his friends and boost their abilities through a plethora of buffs.

Tsubasa’s first skill is Throwdown Town, a 3 turns local Fear (90% base success rate), which is always helpful to have in longer fights unless the enemy has a lot of triggers. The 6 turns cooldown gives the impression that it’s possible to have a good uptime on his fear, but the lack of Debuff success EMP makes it unlikely for Tsubasa to land it reliably. It’s worth noting that thanks to his passive, Tsubasa’s Fear is not only a defensive option but also an offensive asset, as any Fear effect will grant 10% echo to the team while active.

Tsubasa’s second skill, Fistfight City, is a skill focusing on C.A effects. Not only will it give 30% charge bar to the whole team, similarly to Altair, but on top that it will also grant a 30% C.A DMG + 10% C.A cap bonus to the party, making him a perfect candidate for short burst of damage during Strike Time or with Mechanic. However, those additional buffs come at a cost: using this skill will fill the diamond charge of the enemy by one. It is recommended to use this skill in conjunction with Tsubasa’s Fear in order to not suffer too much from frequent enemy special attacks.

With Going Kamikaze, Tsubasa’s third skill, the whole team will receive a guaranteed DA + 20% TA buff for two turns, on a 6 turns cooldown. While the guaranteed DA might seem pretty powerful, DA’s value tends to decrease as the player progresses, and the true worth of the skill actually lies in its TA buff. The low uptime due to the 6 turns cooldown makes this skill somehow subpar, except for combos where ensuring a multi-attack from everyone is paramount.

Tsubasa’s C.A effect is quite valuable as well, granting 25% Fire ATK up to the team for 4 turns (C.A turn included), a buff that would make quite a few other buffers in other elements jealous. The buff has the perfect balance between effectiveness and duration while requiring very little effort to maintain, which is ideal. In order to make sure that Tsubasa will C.A regularly enough, his passive will grant him Gear stacks everytime he uses a buff skill. Each stack will not only increase his dodge rate, but also his charge bar generation rate, up to 60% once reaching 5 Gear stacks.

Tsubasa’s kit is definitely great, but the fact that his element is Fire prevents him from showing his true potential. His kit is very C.A centered, with his high charge bar generation rate and second skill, but the lack of Sentence weapons (such as Europa harps or Avatar staves) in Fire grids make him a less interesting pick. The fact that double Magna / Primals setups are not really popular in Fire due to Shiva’s obscene call also make his powerful C.A buff much less important. He remains quite useful for beginner players and for niche purposes such as Fist teams or Mechpan teams, but otherwise won’t see much more use until Fire also converts to the C.A meta.

Characters and Grid Options

Characters with Fear

  • Percival is the most obvious choice to use with Tsubasa, not only will Percival’s 60 seconds Fear provide a full minute of 10% free echo for the team, but Tsubasa’s C.A effect will pretty much allow one to permanently activate Percival’s passive, greatly increasing his damage. And he also has the Yankee skin to go with Tsubasa!

  • Halloween Danua is the only other Fire character with a Fear, making it possible to have a 100% Fear uptime if all Fears manage to land. In order to achieve that, Tsubasa is able to boost Danua’s charge bar in order to quickly stack up her Debuff resistance down on the enemy with her C.A.

Characters with good C.A effects

  • Even though there aren’t many characters with high C.A damage in Fire, Grea is probably the best pick to use for a C.A damage focused team, thanks to her Dracoforce debuff which increases her C.A cap and damage greatly.

  • Characters such as Aoidos, Aliza, Summer Io and Ghandagoza who have good self or team buffs on their C.A will also benefit from Tsubasa charge bar bonus.

Grid weapons and Summon calls

  • Ultima claw with a C.A cap up key is a great pickup for Tsubasa, as not only will it allow to increase the C.A burst of the team when used with his second skill, but the Trium skill allows Tsubasa to compensate for his mediocre offence. However, using Ultima claw as main weapon is not recommended due to the Fire ATK up part not stacking with Tsubasa’s C.A effect.

  • Shiva’s fist as the main weapon is a great option due to its TA buff on C.A, and Tsubasa’s fist proficiency allows him to not lose out on the ATK skill of the weapon.

  • Shiva call is always great, but Tsubasa can easily use it to its best potential through his C.A buffs, allowing the team to reach the enhanced Shiva cap on their full chain burst for efficient one-turn kills.

Combos setups

As mentioned above, Tsubasa most important niche is the Mechpan / one-turn kill setup. It requires using as many high C.A cap characters as possible, but Fire is quite limited in that regard, so the setup will often make use of Tsubasa / Grea / Lyria or Tien 5*. The execution is pretty simple: setup Mechanic’s team Ignition, apply Grea’s mark, use Tsubasa’s skill, cast Shiva and unleash the full burst on the enemy.

Fist proficiency team

Teams focusing on Fist characters with Shiva’s fist in their grids are uncommon, but still enjoyable and efficient to play, mixing mostly characters such as Aliza, Grea, Anila, Ghandagoza, Anthuria, Societte… Tsubasa is not necessarily the highest priority character to slot in the frontline, as attackers will often be preferred, but he can fill the buffer spot in case the player does not own Anila.

EMP Suggestions

C.A DMG Cap ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★
C.A DMG ★☆☆ C.A DMG ★☆☆ C.A DMG ★☆☆
ATK ★☆☆ ATK ★☆☆ ATK ★☆☆

This EMP repartition focuses mainly on improving Tsubasa’s C.A damage, without neglecting his general offence too much. If the player uses him only for one-turn burst shenanigans, it is possible to invest more points in C.A DMG instead.

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
C.A Damage cap Triple Attack
Debuff success Double Attack
Critical hit

The most important bonus to get for Tsubasa will be either C.A cap to emphasize his full chain burst potential or debuff success in order to increase his Fear success rate.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Yuichi Nakamura