Wulf and Renie

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Early Game Tier T1

Mid Game Tier T1

Late Game Tier T3

Wulf and Renie
Wulf and Renie
Analysis by Katayoku no Aria
4★ (Fully Uncapped: 4★)
Obtain - Premium Draw


HP 1480
HP Rank
ATK 8600
ATK Rank


Wulf and Renie are a duo that cover the two sides of attacking and defending. As a unit with both permanent guaranteed TA and an omnipresent unique attack boost, they find themselves in a comfortable position as a top attacker from having what most sustained attackers want, without even needing to use their skills. On top of that, the two of them can act as an aggro tank to help keep other characters alive by directing pressure to themselves.


Guaranteed TA

Wulf and Renie comes self-reliant from any multiattack buffs as their Kamfer passive inherently grants them guaranteed TA with no downtime. This is one of the most desirable tools that a team could ask for in a self-sufficient attacker. The downside of this can even be considered negligible compared to the strength gained.

Naturally strong attacks

The duo also comes along with another desired tool in the form of a 30% unique mod granted from the Einsam passive. This is strong enough to make even bland characters desirable attackers in other elements. The negatives attached to this passive happen to come in two parts, one of which can even be considered a positive.

Avoidable punishment from stack mechanic

Alas, not everything is pleasant for Wulf and Renie’s stroll through the forest. They do have a fairly significant negative in the stackable Lone Wolf Scar effect from Einsam. This effect can fortunately be dealt with via proper play and even be used to grant significant buffs.

Aggro tank

One can’t even really call Wulf and Renie completely selfish attackers as they provides a useful utility for the team in the form of aggro tanking. Unlike the immobilizing portion of Lone Wolf Scar stacks, the hostility portion can be actively used with their kit to act as a proper tank. There are even forms of damage mitigation and self-heals in their kit.


Character lockout

If one does mismanage their stacks, Wulf and Renie become locked out from attacking and are forced to wait for the cooldown of Renie’s Tears. When combined with their hostility boost and defense penalty at full stacks, they easily become a liability that one is almost forced to just let them drop.

Requires careful management

To avoid this, Wulf and Renie must get enough charge gain to consistently purge stacks during the cooldown of Renie’s Tears with their charge attack. Even more management is needed if they want to improve the uptime of their Renie’s Tears self-buff.

Forced healing

For a character in an element that favors Enmity, Wulf and Renie comes with multiple sources of healing that are required for them to function. This makes levying enmity fairly difficult in fights that deal low damage to the team.

Full Analysis

Renie may be shedding tears for her beloved Wulf for now, but it is the enemies that will shedding tears in the end when forced to face this devastating attacker. With a kit that fully embodies both the needs of an attacker and a tank, these two can perform both roles remarkably well. While there may be a notable penalty that can hold them back, it can be a negligible issue that only demands one to pay attention to the character being used with proper management.

The most notable part of this duo comes not from their skills, but from their passives. Wulf and Renie have two key parts of their kits as a permanent fixture, unafflicted by the constraints of cooldowns. The first part comes from Kampfer, an astounding passive that guarantees TA for the two while only lowering their charge gain by a reasonable 35% in exchange. This is a passive that would be coveted by almost any attacker while being the main reason as to why the pair is so strong, as once paired with Einsam’s 30% boost to attack leads to them being a consistent hard hitter. The increase being a unique modifier further raises their status as a powerful attacker, as it means that the passive cannot be diluted by other modifiers and will always act as a straight 30% boost to their damage.

The negatives that come with their passives work together to make sure that this unit is not without weaknesses. Einsam grants a unique stack of a special effect, Lone Wolf Scar, upon each attack, that can stack up to 5 times, with each stack further boosting the hostility for the duo. This effect culminates, resulting in preventing the pair from attacking when reaching 5 stacks and lowering their defense by a significant 70%. When combined with the hostility, they are forced to just wait for their demise, if these stacks cannot be cleared. Fortunately, there are two different ways for this to occur. One would be from their C.A. that removes 3 stacks upon use. The other is from the skill, Renie’s Tears, which is limited to clearing a full 5 stacks and the entirety of their charge bar. While this limitation may be harsh, as they expose you to a turn of 70% DEF Down, the reward is is a buff that is strong enough to justify this condition.

One can combine both sources of stack removal to ensure that Wulf and Renie can attack every turn without issue. This is done by making sure that the pair is never delayed on a C.A. and always uses Renie’s Tears at 5 stacks. Due to every attack being 25% charge bar gained from the combination of guaranteed TA and 35% charge loss, it takes a full 4 turns for the two of them to reach a C.A. unless they are placed in the last slot or use some form of charge gain/boost. If one ignores any possible debuffs, the worst case scenario has the pair C.A. before reaching full stacks when starting from zero, allowing them to take a total of up to 8 turns before being forced to remove the stacks. This fits perfectly as the cooldown of Renie’s Tears is only six turns. Only negligence, certain debuffs, and scenarios where their attacks are cut short before becoming a TA, like in multi-enemy encounters, can disable Wulf and Renie from attacking. Even if there is an issue, the Charge Boost on Rufen can help them recover before being locked down.

Beyond the passives of Wulf and Renie, there are skills that this pair possesses that are also notable parts of their kit. When it comes to offensive capabilities, two of their skills work to add further damage on top of their passives. Herz aus Eisen gives a DMG Boosted buff of up to 20,000 damage that can be especially helpful in the early game. The previously mentioned Renie’s Tears not only acts to clear the Lone Wolf Scars that plague this unit, but also grant an excellent buff that gives 80% ATK Up, 80% Def Up, 20% Dark Echo, 50/50 Critical Hit, and an Armored effect that gives a constant 30% damage reduction. This lasts for 4 turns and can up to a 4/6 uptime. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as the aforementioned baseline cycle makes this buff a natural uptime of 4/8. If one wants to improve this uptime, some extra management of Lone Wolf Scar stacks is required.

Another notable feature that is provided in the duo’s kit is the ability to take advantage of Lone Wolf Scars to tank. Lone Wolf Scars provide additional hostility for each stack, allowing for Wulf and Renie to naturally tank more hits than other members of the team. Any damage that the wolf soaks can be somewhat mitigated by the 2000 HP heals from both their C.A. and Renie’s Tears. This is further expanded with the 50% boost to dodge rate from Rufen, which helps with damage mitigation to keep the two alive. This can be leveraged with the Counters present on Herz aus Eisen that allow the pair to constantly return hits whether they are dodged or not. It is important to note that this skill consumes 30% charge bar and can cause issues with stack management if used at an inopportune time.

Despite having a seemingly complex kit, Wulf and Renie can act as fairly straightforward attacking unit with some minor maintenance. Their ability to draw aggro and heal passively by attacking furthers this notion. The only case where one would find the pair complex, is when trying to maximize the uptime on the powerful Renie’s Tears buff. With this buff up, the duo become devastating attackers that do well when compared to the rest of Dark’s top units. One does not even need to maximize the uptime time of this buff for them to be amazing attackers, as they are plenty sufficient even without the extra management. Overall, Wulf and Renie act as a duo strong at all stages of the game.

Characters and Grid Options

Attackers that are Self-Sufficient in Multiattack

  • Six, Orchid are attackers that not only have no need for external sources of multiattack, but also take great advantage of Wulf and Renie’s ability to redirect aggro to themselves, as both Six and Orchid prefer not to get hit for the sake of upkeeping their own buffs.
  • Cerberus, Jeanne d’Arc are other characters that dont need external multiattack and can work well with Wulf and Renie’s ability to free up resources normally spent on it.
  • Vira brings a Veil to help prevent any debuffs that would prevent Wulf and Renie from being able to C.A. to remove stacks or lower charge bar gain, two things fatal for the pair’s functionality. This is on top of having good multiattack herself.

Grid Options

  • Enmity Weapons like Celeste Claw Omega or Gisla are still useful for Wulf and Renie despite the consistent healing they do. Since their HP still tends to fluctuate due to their position as an aggro tank, Enmity can still increase their damage output, even if the increase is inconsistent.
  • Health Weapons that also have attack skills like Abyss Spine, Diablo Bow, and Hermanubis work well with Wulf and Renie. The extra health can help the duo deal with frequent oncoming hits and even help dilute their heals by making them heal for a small percentage of their total HP. This does make it harder for the team to reach enmity from taking enemy attacks, so this isn’t only positive, unfortunately.
  • Damage Cap Up Weapons are useful to Wulf and Renie due to them easily hitting damage cap when under the influence of Renie’s Tears and/or while utilizing Enmity. This makes cap up weapons for C.A., like Abyss Spine or Hermanubis work well for Renie along with a general cap up weapon like Qilin Bow.

Melee Proficiency Team

Wulf and Renie fit well in fist proficiency teams not because of Atma Fist, but because plenty of the Dark fist characters don’t need it. Characters like Six, Orchid, and Cerberus are also attackers self-sufficient in multiattack. Out of the remaining units, even Azazel has a reasonable multiattack rate. The only one who desperately needs the Strife Key of Atma Dist, would be Lady Grey, who is arguably the weakest member of the list. Despite having this good fist synergy, it is often not advised to be using an Atma Fist team for only Dark with Wulf, due to the opportunity cost it presents.

Gun Proficiency Team

Besides Wulf and Renie, Dark has only two other gun proficiency characters in Joker and Black Knight. While they both would benefit greatly from an Atma Gun, unlike Wulf and Renie, the two of them also happen to be subpar choices compared to just running other characters that are self-sufficient in multiattacking, like Six or Orchid, or teams that focus on character quality with a different Atma Weapon, like Sword with Summer Zooey and Jeanne d’Arc. This makes Atma Gun not worth the investment in Dark alone despite being a possible team composition.

EMP Suggestions

Critical Hit ★★★ Critical Hit ★★★ Dark Attack ★★★
Defense ★★☆ Defense ★★☆ HP ★★★

Unlike some of the other characters with guaranteed multiattacks, Wulf and Renie do not have an desperate need to improve their Attack much, as their baseline stats and buffs are at a reasonable level. Thus after getting their Critical Hit nodes, one can move on to more defensive options like Defense or HP nodes to help keep them alive, the former being especially valuable for the 5 Lone Wolf Scar turn(s).

Ring Bonus Suggestions

1st Roll 2nd Roll
C.A. DMG Cap Defense
C.A. DMG Dodge
Stamina Healing

Wulf and Renie have little need for any specific rolls as a completely self-sufficient attacker, with no utility that is desperate for improvement. With their powerful buffs, C.A. DMG Cap is a good option as they can hit cap fairly easily. If the pair cannot reach cap consistently, C.A. DMG or Stamina are good options to improve damage output. The second roll doesn’t provide anything major for them, but a defensive option like Defense, Dodge, or Healing can prove useful if they start having difficulty taking hits.

Other Info

Voice Actor
Tomoaki Maeno Akane Fujita