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Tier List for Granblue Fantasy
Tier List

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Disclaimer and Overview

The following Tiers Lists are meant to be a quick overview of a character’s strength and usability at different stages of the game. Please note that they remain subjective assessments that reflect the views of the writers, and that they are nothing absolute.

A character’s strength is always dependant on the player’s circumstances, and as such we heavily recommend to focus on the associated write-ups in order to better understand a character’s pros and cons, rather than fixating on the rating.

Early Game Tier List Explanations

This tier list is aimed toward Beginners / Pre-HL players as its core demographic.

As such, being able to incapacitate enemies by sending them into the break state with bursts of damage or surviving through shields and sustain are emphasized in their evaluation. Having access to flat Plain (White) Damage, Nukes and C.A  bursts of high value in clearing encounters due to their strong scaling in the early game

It considers in the player's setup :

  • Any grid between nothing and MLB Magna grids
  • 5* Characters at level 100
  • 4* Eternal Characters
  • No Atma weapon
  • Possible Bahamut weapon synergy

It applies to content such as :

  • Story and events
  • Normal / Hard Mode Arcarum
  • Magna raids
  • Very Hard / Extreme raids
  • Trial and Showdown rotations
  • Rise of the Beasts event

Midgame Tier List Explanations

This tier list is aimed toward Early-HL / Mid-HL Players as its core demographic.

Being self-reliant with respect to debuffing / buffing becomes important in order to solo more complex fights, and efficiency starts becoming an important factor in order to reduce the effective amount of time required to repeatedly clear content for optimized grinding . Taking advantage of superior elements also starts becoming important due to the presence of enemies with off-element resistance, in turn making Crit buffs more relevant.

It considers in the player’s setup :

  • Multiple Eternal Characters 4* / One or two possible Eternal 5*
  • SSR Primarch weapons
  • Magna I Grids (with the exception of full Luminiera Sword Omega / Celeste Claw Omega / AES grids)
  • F2P Primal (Optimus) grids
  • Atma Sword synergy

It applies to content such as :

  • Maniac and Nightmare battles
  • Xeno Clash
  • Unite & Fight Ex+ speed clears
  • Unite & Fight Nightmare regular clears
  • High Level raids
  • Ultimate Bahamut (Normal) clears
  • Solo-MVPing raids with potentially 100m or more HP
  • Extreme Mode Arcarum

Endgame Tier List Explanations

This tier list is aimed toward Late HL and competitive players.

Speed becomes of the utmost importance in order to race raids with important blue chest rewards, or in order to efficiently clear repetitive content that require hours of grinding. Unlike the previous Tier Lists, the value of each character can vary heavily depending on which fight they are brought in, making this list less precise and more of a usage frequency ranking rather than a strict qualitative ranking. Characters are evaluated on their most performant Grid only, and not as an average between Primal and Magna.

It considers in the player’s setup :

  • Owning the 5* Eternals of the elements considered
  • Owning one or more Arcarum summon of the elements considered
  • Magna II Grids (or AES grid) or Magna I grids with 5LB weapons
  • Primal (Optimus) Grids with multiple Grand Series Weapons
  • Access to multiple Ultima synergies
  • Additional stats through Plus marks / Uncapped Summon grid / Ring Bonuses

It applies to content such as :

  • Proto-Bahamut HL racing
  • Unite & Fight Nightmare speed clears
  • Unite & Fight Final Rally
  • Magna II raids racing
  • Ultimate Bahamut (normal) racing
  • Ultimate Bahamut Impossible clears
  • Any other content requiring speedclear / racing.

Tier List

Fire Water Earth Wind Light Dark
Offensive Buffer Debuffer Burst Attacker Sustained Attacker
Tank Healer Defensive Buffer QoL
Unknown Primal Human Erune Draph Harvin
Weapon Proficiency
Sabre Katana Axe Dagger Melee
Gun Spear Bow Staff Harp
Character Role Early Mid End